Friday, July 16, 2010

The Country Club.

Once upon a time there was a country club that catered to the crème de la crème of society. Members were apparently blessed with wealth, class, dignity and all the other attributes expected of the elite. Certain protocols were expected to be maintained when the ‘pretty people’ mingled and socialized in the confines of the exclusive club.

One day a garish patron entered the club full of bravado and unmitigated audacity. (Think: Rodney Dangerfield in Caddy Shack) The patron—Mr. Tinman and his mistress Mz. Suchs demanded the best service, repeatedly sending their carefully prepared cuisine back to the kitchen complaining that it was not up to the standards that one would expect for guests of their eminence and import.

Finally after making life difficult for the staff and ruining the meals of the other patrons—to whom they felt infinitely superior—the maitre de presented the bill for the meal. The cheque was in the amount of $13.4 Billion— a reasonable sum considering that the amount really did not matter since it would ultimately be paid by Mr. Tinman’s benefactor,Mr. Federalas, to whom they relied upon to maintain their position in the social strata.

Mr. Tinman complained loudly about the service and the conditions in which he and his guest had to dine. After disrupting the entire evening of the other patrons and belittling the staff, Mr. Tinman grudgingly paid the bill and added a paltry gratuity of $550 million—a mere 4.1% of the bill.

After the obnoxious guests had departed for their summer home in the Hamptons, the staff and management met to discuss what should be done about the frequent visits from Mr. Tinman and his entourage. It was decided that putting up with his crass and discourteous behaviour was unacceptable and that his membership should be revoked at the club.

Upon hearing of this decision, the kindly benefactor—Mr. Federalas--pleaded with the management of the Club to allow Mr. Tinman to keep his membership since if it was revoked the Tinman family would have a hissy fit and make life terrible for everyone that they came in contact with—especially other members of the club.

After some deliberation management acquiesced since they knew that in order to survive they had to accommodate even the spoiled brats that belonged to the club. The members of the club soon became accustomed to the obnoxious behavior of Mr. Tinman and actually some members began to emulate his behavior since it was so entertaining to pretend that membership in the country club meant that you could behave in any manner you wished without regard for others.

Over time the status of the club declined and became a refuge for disingenuous hypocritical ‘low lifes’ who loved to put on airs that they had class and dignity. The staff and management eventually changed and became as obnoxious as the patrons. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Spare Me The Sudden Outrage The Reformed Broker

Mr. Brown posted this to his blog in April of 2010. Cant get a prognostication much more accurate than this.

Spare Me The Sudden Outrage The Reformed Broker


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